About Me

I first discovered the art of Macram√© in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the textures and the way different medias can be incorporated, from the modern clean lines of copper to the soft curves of driftwood that’s loving collected by hand. Having studied Fine Art at university I regrettably found myself not doing much with my degree. Fast forward a few years, and with a new lease of life hitting my 30’s I decided it was time to get back into making and being creative again. I love that no two pieces are exactly the same with everything made by hand, feeling each knot and fringe, mixing in different textures of yarns and cords. I am inspired by long nights, walks in the countryside, historic sites, as well as the sea, beaches and the colours and shapes that Mother Nature provides us through the seasons. I like to use a variety of mixed media in all my types of art, from copper pipes to create more of an industrial look with a contrast of a soft cotton, to a beautiful piece of driftwood, worn by the sea, with the shape and curves inspiring the piece itself.

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